India: Rajasthan state anti-conversion bill

Compass Direct writes,

Christian leaders urge governor to dismiss new legislation as unconstitutional.

April 13 (Compass Direct) – An anti-conversion bill passed by the Rajasthan state assembly last Friday (April 7) is unconstitutional and could lead to an “explosive situation” in the state, Christians say.

Religious tensions in the state are already high following the arrest of the Rev. Dr. Samuel Thomas, president of Emmanuel Mission International (EMI), on March 16. Thomas is charged with hurting the religious sentiments of the Hindu community.

The Supreme Court today stayed the arrest of EMI founder M.A. Thomas, who had been declared an “absconding criminal,” until April 21.

The registration of EMI schools and hospitals remained cancelled and EMI bank accounts were still frozen at press time.

“In the context of the ongoing harassment of Christians in Kota district, Rajasthan, the anti-conversion law will lead to an explosive situation,” Dr. John Dayal, secretary general of the All India Christian Council, told Compass... (there's more to read on their website).


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