Madhya Pradesh state, Hindu extremists brutally beat Christians

Compass Direct: "In Madhya Pradesh state, Hindu extremists brutally beat Christians; police take no action.

April 13 (Compass Direct) – Extremists attacked two Christian schools and a private Christian gathering last week in Madhya Pradesh state and accused several Christians of carrying out “illegal conversions.” Christians responded with a protest march in Jabalpur city on Monday (April 10), demanding justice. The Christian community called for the arrest of several Dharam Jagran Sena (DJS or Army for Religious Revival) members who launched three attacks in Jabalpur city on April 5, 6 and 7. After the final attack on April 7 against seven Christians, who were then charged with illegal conversion, the Rev. Kishan Singh led two dozen church members to the police station to object. There a mob of about 80 people beat them as police looked on. "


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