Hopegivers President: still imprisoned in India

According to Hopegivers International, their president, Dr. Samuel Thomas, was arrested March 16, 2006, in New Delhi, by about a dozen men claiming to be police officers from the provincial capital of Kota, Rajasthan. Hopegivers International was formed in the United States by friends wanting to support the many orphanages and schools founded by Dr. Thomas’ father M. A. Thomas as he began ministering to children in India. Local anti-Christian hate groups continue their siege against the 2,500 orphans and abandoned children protected at the Emmanual Hope Home in Kota, Rajasthan, by threatening to disrupt water and electric service to the facilities. Bishop M. A. Thomas is currently in hiding from the Hindu extremist groups that have offered large rewards for the capture and beheading of Dr. Samuel Thomas or his father M.A. Thomas. Pray for the release of Dr. Samuel Thomas and others from the ministry being held and for the safety of the children at the orphanages. India’s Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh has launched an investigation into the arrest of Dr. Thomas. Last year several students were attacked on their way to the annual graduation ceremonies of the Emmanuel Seminary. Many were dragged from trains or buses and beaten, requiring hospitalization. You may want to visit Hopegivers International Web site to obtain additional information about their ministry and the current letter writing campaign on behalf of their staff.
Please also visit www.prisoneralert.com and take a few moments to write a letter of encouragement on his behalf. It will only take you a few minutes and it could make a world of difference for Dr. Thomas.

fwiw, the hopegivers website is down and has been for awhile. its been at least a week since i last checked it.


Joe said…
Thank you for this important information. It makes it easier for us to know how to pray and how to be involved.

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