i missed my one year anniversary

my second post on this blog was on Good Friday. So i was going by the religious calendar for when to celebrate the anniversary. so for those who don't follow the ecclesiastical calendar, thanks for being part of this blog which started a year ago.

here is what i wrote in my first post March 24, 2005.


I've grown up in the church and still remain committed to staying with this ship of fools until we reach the sunset and the welcome reception of Jesus Christ. I hope to point out the pirates on our journey but also give a hand to my fellow fools who might be accused of piracy.

i have to admit i've broadened my scope some, which is supposedly the death sentence for a blog. but i hope this journey has something for all who read it. my current thinking is that this is a journal for my children to read someday in order to figure out who i am, because all fathers are mysterious.

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