Evangelist in India Beaten

Christian Persecution Blog: Evangelist in India Beaten: "We recently received a report on a brave evangelist in India. This man oversees 12 pastors and has won more than 700 people to Christ. His leadership has infuriated some Hindus. A few months ago, they launched an attack on this brother with a hidden agenda to scare off other evangelists. The attack took place in broad daylight, and a local news station was present. They filmed video footage of the attack, and VOM was given a copy of this footage.

The evangelist was leading 40 students in a six-day college outreach. The team was driving down the road in an old yellow van when they ran into a barricade set up by the evangelist’s enemies. The attackers drug the students out of the van while verbally abusing them. Video footage shows the attackers dumping gospel tracts into a pile on the street, and burning them while chanting praises to their monkey god...."


Anonymous said…
Your voice shows intolerance and it shows that you are a right wing hardcore fanatic intolerant christians.Hence, there is no reason why your views should not be thrashed at your face.

The root cause of Christian aggression in India is caused by the fact that Christianity believes that Jesus Christ is the only son of god. He is supposed to have been sent to earth to wash away the sins of the people, and so redeem them. [!! Of course, this happens only to those who accept him as the only son of god. All the others do not get the benefit who do not have this shared belief will be burnt in hell for all eternity. :-))]

Christianity says that it has a unique path to salvation, and all the other paths are false[!! wow!!]. While there is supposed to be some modification in these views, the acceptance is that all the other paths may at most be second best[!!]. Therefore, it is better if people accept Christianity and not take a chance.[!! such arrogance!!]

Christians believe that they have been commanded by Christ to go and “save” (convert) the people of this world. This is also supposed to give them special merit when it comes to the day of final judgment.

While there are many Christians who today do not believe in this exclusivity, there are a still large number of misguided Christians who still believe that in the exclusivity of Christianity and the concept of saving souls[!!].

It is this misguided belief that causes breeds a hatred and intolerance for other religions. and from this hatred, these Christian Fundamentalists begin their aggression to convert. And often they will go to any means to convert even if it means violence.[!!]
jpu said…
this has to be a joke. i link to a blog entry on a Christian evangelist who was beat by majority religious people and this poster picks the side of the pugilists? maybe the poster, from california or wash d.c., thought i was actually endorsing the beatings, rah, rah, beat the evangelists. is there any sanity in climbing on the abuse? adding insult to injury? it's Christ who teached to turn the other cheek, not the monkey god. whose heaven seems more attractive?
Janet Rubin said…
Thanks for posting this John. I was reading just yesterday about the Christian persection that goes on in India in my Voice of the Martyrs newsletter. We have no idea in America what it is like to live that way. Gotta remember to keep praying for those brothers and sisters.
Anonymous said…
.., not the monkey god.."

You still smell syndrome:"Mine religion is better.and Jesus is the ONLY truth.." without having understanding of other's religion.Dont comment and humiliate other's religion without knowing it fully.It is easy to do so.
It does not work that way in India which is a secular state and conversions in the name of service or lure is not allowed. I don't object missionaries serving the poor, but let there not be any business in the name of service.It should be voluntary which IS NOT the case .
jpu said…
how is an indian evangelist able to afford to entice 700 fellow indians to convert? how much money would he need? Christianity is not trying to create a revenue stream. buying converts is not a Christ-like practice, it might be done by humans in the name of Christ, but its not of Christ. on the morality scale, though, paying people to convert from a religion that endorses beating others isn't as bad as beating others in the name of a monkey god. if my religion were worse, and not better, then i might resort to beating others in its name rather than offering nothing tangential except the promise of forgiveness and eternal life. additionally, i would offer the escape from reilgiously based caste oppression. why can't religions be placed side by side to determine which is better?
Joe said…
Anonymous is making a monkey of himself.

He is tolerent of all religions except Christianity.

Perhaps he has not heard the claims of Islam, which advocates the killing of "defectors to Christianity."

Maybe he thinks beating someone who has a different religion is a good thing.

The Christian did not fight back.


Who is more arrogant, the Christian who did not fight back or the "brave" Mr. Anonymous?

Any way, it was a good post and brought out the fact that Christians are being unjustly persecuted around the world.

By the Way, Mr. Anonymous, you might want to check what true Christian doctrine really is. Your second paragraph in your first comment is a gross misrepresentation and demonstrates that you don't know what you're writing about.

The good news is that God loves YOU and Christ died for you.

On the day you trust in His finished work at the cross on your behalf, and discover the truth of His resurrection, you will become a new creation and these prejudices you hold will begin to disappear.

Won't that be a trip!?
jpu said…
i followed this up at

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