Does the Emerging church have a problem with evangelism?

Steve Addison writes "Does the Emerging church have a problem with evangelism? Not if you redefine what evangelism is.

Now here’s the rub. With an understanding of evangelism like this, there is just no way you are going to reach people. But maybe that’s not the point anymore."

Andrew Jones pointed to this blog. For all the grief given to mega churches, they are the ones who seem to be reaping the harvest, but do see the comments. perhaps, emregers sow but megas reap and God gets the glory.

another blog entry worth reading is at the A-Team, "Another point I believe we should draw from this is that there’s nothing chronologically profound about being “emerging.” It’s a category churches have ministered in throughout church history, not some sort of amazing new phenomenon. So while critics need to get their categories straight, many emerging Christians need to get over their tendency of thinking God is doing something in emerging churches He’s never done before. Dr. Andrew Jackson aptly diagnosed this problem as “emergentising.”"


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