1st barefoot run of 2006

It's 52F outside. There is too much sand on the sidewalks and road. But it's 52F outside. I declared my post-flu symptoms no longer severe enough for postponing the run any further and I went out. Last year I started out on the beach and grass, but those surfaces don't provide the feedback for correct form, so I began this year on the sidewalk and the road and avoided the soft surfaces. I have 2 blisters each on my forefeet under the big toes, but none on my heel which tells me I avoided heel striking. Barefoot running is forefoot running. I'll give my feet the day off and try again on Thursday. I hope to get my bike back from its tuneup tomorrow. Biking is so different from running that I never feel ready when I'm in the beginning of my running season. In that post last year, I promised I'd announce when I've achieved a 50 mile week. I have yet to still do that. I spent all last year learning to run barefoot. Hopefully this year I'll get some distance barefoot.


Gene said…
Keep at the barefoot running!

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