BHM and Valentine’s Day

this guy has alot of good things to say. he compares BHM to Christmas and Easter Christians. If the symbols don't lead to the life behind them, the participant is left with a checked box. same with Valentines Day. do we buy flowers and check the box, or do we love our spouses every day. and finally this quote, he is a writer, "This ritual of breaking of bread and sharing of wine is about remembering Christ - what his life and death meant. Without the why, without remembering what it is the wine and the bread are meant to symbolize, all I have is grape juice and nasty ass crackers."

very good.

next selection on his blog should be his testimony.

he's a published writer and blogs about those issues also. i like when writers blog. he's better than dan edelen.


jpu said…
i'm sorry dan. i was over compensating for my own sinfulness. i almost typed he's like a black dan edelen, and that was so wrong, i put you down instead. please forgive me.
Dan Edelen said…

My comment was tongue-in-cheek!

No need to apologize.

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