emergent diversity

emergingchurch.info > reflection > jamie arpin-ricci has an interesting anecdote. "I was once visiting a church where a First Nations woman began to dance to the worship. A (white) woman leaned over and said, "Isn't it just lovely when they dance around with their feathers? The church needs to encourage that sort of thing". While this woman was sincerely genuine in intentions, too often our desire to see culture celebrated never goes beyond external novelties, requiring nothing of ourselves as the Church. We need to go deeper."

another observation, " Many people are describing the current age we live in as the post-denominational era. Some of the largest growing sectors of Christianity are the non- and inter-denominational congregations. This trend reflects a positive increase in unity within the Church, where differing theology, while still important, does not divide believers. This increased unity has created opportunity for incredible effectiveness in ministry and missions outreaches, their very diversity largely responsible."

This is stuff seen in para-church organizations. Jamie's third point is about gender inclusiveness. qorth the quick read.


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