There's No Pulpit Like Home

Time magazine reports... "There's No Pulpit Like Home
Some Evangelicals are abandoning megachurches for minichurches--based in their own living rooms"


Anonymous said…
John, interesting idea. There are those who say the church in America will move in this direction over the next 20-25 years, Lord willing.
Mike Morrell said…
I think a significant portion of the church will move in this direction. I have been part of an intentional house church community for seven years now, and a group of former students (myself among them) are going to be part of a Raleigh-Durham, NC, house church plant. I think that house churches around the world (including the U.S.) are growing.
John Umland said…
i think i've linked to your site in an earlier blog entry. until black history month came along i had been doing a great deal of posting on the overlooked concept of house church. i still have alot to think aloud on. look in my december and january archives and please leave your comments.

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