prayer and biking home

if its a Christian anecdote does that make it a testimony?

so i'm biking home. and i'm not praying because i don't have a riding home agenda. before i got to the bridge i wondered if i should pray and ask God to make the sidewalk clear for me. someone in my brain said, "what will you do if i don't?" my reply to that voice was, "nothin.' i know its a petty request, but wasn't Gideon's?" then as i got closer and noticed that the first hump of snow i was dreading was gone a voice in my head said, "what will you do if i do?" and as i came around the bend and saw that obviously someone had swept the snow off the sidewalk i excitedly said, "i will praise you and tell everyone what you did." the sidewalk that wraps underneath the bridge was swept clean but i still thought the bridge itself would still be pretty bad. the bridge track was still there, but it was alot wider, and some sections of snow had totally melted away. it had gotten above freezing today, but it had been above freezing yesterday too. so God answers my petty prayers. i know he's generous to me because he has forgiven my sins, but i also know he's generous to me because he makes sure someone clears the snow for me and he points the sun down on my narrow path.

in the parable of the prodigal son, the older brother is so irritated that the father killed the fatted calf in celebration of his loser brother's return. and the dad comes to him and says, why you pouting? the boy was good as dead but now he's returned to us. all this stuff is yours too, you can have it whenever you want it.

today was an example for me of cashing in on some of the stuff. i guess that category would be the Dad's Stuff Prayers.


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