Racial Constantinianism and why Andre is post-Emergent (Part I)

If you are white like me you don't want to read things like this..."The synthesis that I see that goes largely unscathed in these kinds of conversations is the way much of the discourse named emergent, emerging church or missional is tied to a racial order that we have inherited from Christendom’s capitulation to the principality and power of ‘race’. Or more specifically what I like to the call the dominance of the symbolic universe of whiteness. It is racial Constantinianism. A form of Constantinianism that created a racial order whereby whites were at the top and blacks at the bottom.

We see vestiges of this racial Constantinianism when Christians engage in theological conversation and praxis that exclude non-white voices. This exclusionary practice is difficult to name because of our captivity to individualism…the the reducing of racial Constantinianism to purely personal prejudice (”I don’t hate non-whites…or have ill-feelings toward them”). Such thoughts reflect the politics of America. More later… "


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