Prayer and walking the dog

The link takes you to my wife's blog with a picture of our dog, Honey. I usually take Honey out for her evening walks. It's important for our bonding since she is terrified of me, but likes her walkies (i think that's a Wallace and Gromit term). She probably still hates me since i won't put her coat on her. It's not like she wasn't born without one...But what can i do with those 15 minutes of free time? I pray. Is it equivalent to going up on a mountainside early in the morning? No. But there aren't mountains around here. The dog/prayer walk is better than the walk to the convenience store for a gallon of milk because i'm rarely interrupted by humans, just dogs, mine and others.' I still manage to drift off. When it comes to prayer I'm like one of my T-ball players. The game may be on, but I've never been more fascinated with dandelions in my entire life as i am right now. The ball may be rolling by me, but i'll miss it for the amazing clouds floating by. But, unlike my players, i do have some major technology like the pros to bring me back to task. I'm indwelt by the Holy Spirit. And that does change everything. More on him later.


Janet Rubin said…
I've seen firsthand how John terrifies those of the canine persuasion. He came by my house the other day and now my pup needs therapy. Amen on the puppy prayer walk. I might just go take one now.

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