Prayer and extraterrestrial knowledge

Like my healing prayer story i have a some unglamorous stories of knowledge imparted as a result of prayer. these weren't prayers during academic tests. those were attempted without adequate results. but i must warn you again that you will not be impressed but they fall into the still, small voice (ssv) category.

one time i was praying for a friend of mine with another person and we were kind of stuck with how to pray further. and in my mind i saw 2 numbers spinning in my head. so i mentioned them. and one of the numbers was significant because it was an age when something traumatic had happened to him. the other number didn't provoke a response so we didn't do anything with it. its at times like this i wonder what one hand clapping sounds like. btw, i've never played the lottery so i will not entertain any requests for next week's numbers.

another time, years later i was walking by the nursery at church and a child was displaying her unhappiness vocally. and the nursery worker asked me to find the child's parent. i never saw the child before and i didn't know who the mother might be. so i asked God to help me as i walked into the meeting room. i scanned the backs of everyone's head. and i fixed on one woman. i walked up to her and asked if C_ was her baby in the nursery. i wouldn't be telling this story if the "guess" wasn't right.

do 2 small answers to prayer for knowledge amount to anything? i'm sure God gives unbelievers information they didn't have at important times. maybe mine is special because it wasn't desparately needed info nor critical, but they were facts that helped move the kingdom forward. and that might be what distinguishes that which Paul labeled "words of knowledge." 1 Corinthians 12:8...To one is given through the Spirit the utterance of wisdom, and to another the utterance of knowledge according to the same Spirit (ESV)


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