More Than Words Conference: Homosexual outreach

a conference for my gay and gay friendly Christian friends in the Dallas, Texas area.

"MORE THAN WORDS is coming to First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas Saturday May 6, 2006; also, Tim Wilkins will also speak on Sunday evening, May 7.

MORE THAN WORDS is a compelling 1-day conference geared to help you better understand homosexuality so you can minister to a friend or family member. You will learn how to respond to "gay theology", what the research really shows, and what your church can do."

Tim Wilkins, the founder has walked away from homosexuality. Part of his story follows,

This was one of my earliest memories as a five or 6-year-old child. I believe I unconsciously made a promise that moment, “I--will--not--be--like--that--man!” Thus began my rejection of masculinity and embracing of homosexuality.

Chaos characterized the place we called 'home.' Tables were overturned and traumatizing profanity echoed throughout the house. It was not uncommon to find shards of glass covering the floors many mornings, a domestic battlefield from the night before. On one occasion, dad struck the side of mama’s head with a shoe and burst her eardrum. She cried in horrible pain! The next night he vowed to do the same to the other ear if she did not stop crying.

Neither parent recognized their youngest son might need counseling, though they probably did surmise their perpetual rages contributed to my growing fears.

Several decades have not erased the memory of a summer afternoon, playing alone on a hill beside my house, and desiring to be held by a man. I was a small boy. There were no erotic feelings then, just a distinct desire for male intimacy and protection-- a God-given human need that had gone unmet during my early childhood years.

I knew I was 'different' even then; something did not fit. As an eight-year-old, I remember thinking dresses were pretty. The ruffles and ribbons mesmerized me; I wanted to wear one, but having no sister from whom I could borrow one, I pleaded with my mother to buy me a dress. Mama thought my constant plea was odd, but unfortunately she finally relented and bought me a dress."


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