Prayer, a theme for March

I still have some posts left from BHM. So even though BHM is over, i'm still learning. That's how its supposed to work. I hope you are learning too.

I need to learn more about prayer. I'm not good at it. I have very little sustained concentration at it. I lose heart so quickly. I intended to rise early this morning to pray, but I slept in. I'm in a prayer group here at work. I'm on a couple prayer chains. But I fall asleep at prayer meetings. And i find myself reading prayer chains as gossip instead of opportunities to bring the Kingdom of Father into others' situations.

So, dear readers, pray for me. And please send me links to encouraging resources that i could post. and even as BHM is a memorial to something that should happen year round, John's Prayer Month (JPM) should, i hope, project me out of my unsatisfying orbit that is about 5 feet off the ground. i'd like to be 5 miles off.

i've started a book on prayer. i'll try to finish it up soon so i can have another book report.


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