Cerulean Sanctum: Spirits, Sin, and Sickness

Dan Edelen who i torched unfairly a few days ago is a great writer, and spends more time working on his posts before posting. he does things like spell checking and Scripture referencing and making coherent difficult concepts, unlike anything i generate. so check this out. he posted this after i did, but fleshes out the demon/illness linkage concept. He writes, "Before we get into this topic, I do want to post a disclaimer: What follows does NOT imply that every sickness falls into the situations I'm discussing. So if you have a particular affliction or chronic illness, this may not apply to you at all--or it may. That's for you to determine before God. I'm just putting this out there because the biblical precedents exist."


Dan Edelen said…

Thanks for the link back to my post.

Be at peace! I don't think you unfairly torched me the other day. My response was supposed to be humorous more than anything.

Blessings on your blogging.

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