a lesson in futility

read the comments yourself and tell me if i should pursue it any further. i've linked favorably to this blog before and now disagree and i'm not sure i'm being treated the way he wants us to treat others, specifically mormons.


Ke-Wa said…
Yep, it looks like a waste of time to me. I find it interesting that he realizes that he has little or no credibility left, yet never asks the question why.

He has accused the counter-cult community of losing credibility with our audience while never acknowledging that we need to change our "outdated" model. I see him doing to us exactly what he is accusing us of.
jpu said…
for the record, here is my last comment that didn't get approved by JM...
John, if you are using your better communication method on me that you want to teach others how to use on Mormons, they might have as much success as a wacko with a bull horn at a temple opening. i don't see how you can accuse others of being so wrong but when you are accused likewise you want to go back to the issues. the issues are people are behaving no differently than Jesus did at the temple in John 7 and you declare that its practically immoral. i don't think even Jesus would meet your criteria John. is Jesus' example in John 7 not a model for his followers today as they encounter false religious systems that enslave people and lead them straight to hell?

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