enneagram in middle school

we visited a local charter school tonight at an open house event. the program sounded very exciting, even tempting to these homeschooling parents, yet something was making me anxious. i know i'm anxious when i start craving a cigarette. one little thing that struck me funny was the school's view of itself as a family. my child already has a family, thank you. so we went on the tour. unlike other wide eyed parents we are carefully scanning the books available for the daily 30 minutes of reading time. lots of tares among the wheat including the Bridges of Madison County. in the music room i find myself intrigued by some diagrams on the white board. it looks like a scaled down enneagram. i don't think all the points were on there but the concept seemed there. several different personality types at points around a circle and why diametrically opposed circles are personalities that rub each other the wrong way. now i was irritated. in a math room there were pictures very well taped over on the walls. of course, my radar is so fired up i start prying. i lift them up and see numbers in crystal balls and something about finding LCMs. its somewhat harmless, but i'm more concerned that they were covered up. since i'm so suspicious i believe that someone thought the crystal ball math/art project would offend some religious wing nut parents. i'd rather be offended by reality than have it hidden from me. were band classes going over students' astrological signs in the 70's? enneagrams are no better than using the zodiac to determine your psychological profile. click the links in my post from last June to see how an asian religious fascination with prime numbers resulted in an artificial arrangement of personality types and for some reason recently baptized by some Catholic priests and now embraced by emerging christian leaders and charter school band teachers.


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