India Persecution :: Hopegivers International

this is a call to prayer and fasting and monetary investment on behalf of lives of believers and orphans in India

"A well orchestrated campaign of terror has been launched against the outreaches of Hopegivers International in Rajasthan; every church, clinic, hospital, orphanage and school has been affected.

Hindu extremist agitators are inciting violence against innocent Christians and Dalits. Churches are being burned. Orphanages, Christian schools, and holy places are being vandalized and desecrated. Bibles are being burned and urinated upon by saffron-robed gangs of thugs. Pastors and Hopegivers are being systematically arrested, beaten and threatened.

Two of our key leaders in Rajasthan are already in jail without bail on false charges. We are hearing accounts of ritual beatings. Police stand by and watch as mobs are allowed to beat pastors and staff. Many are seriously injured.

We fear our pastors will start dying very soon- or one of the orphanages will be bombed. We are getting death threats daily.
Our bank accounts in Kota, Rajasthan have been frozen and offices closed without cause or reason. We cannot get desperately needed food and supplies to our Kota orphanage in normal ways. We are only two weeks away from running out of food and basic necessities.

As I am writing this letter, the radicals say they will cut off water and power to the children and hospital patients next. Of course, all this is illegal, but the police are powerless to control the radicals."


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