Racial harassment still happening in Connecticut of all places

The only marginally upside of this is that the 5 white guys were fired.-jpu

New London NAACP President Waldron Phillips says fear should not be part of the job.

"I couldn't understand why something like this, how something like this could happen at this day and age," says Phillips.

He is referring to a Black employee, a senior engineer, who says he was physically and verbally harassed by five white co-workers. The first incident happened on February 15th at the Groton submarine base. According to a complaint the employee filed with Electric Boat, he states that "one man grabbed me in a bear hug position jostling side to side".

He referred to him as a "Black Boy", according to the complaint. Later that same day the co-worker allegedly violently grabbed him again.

"This same individual put him in a Full Nelson. A Full Nelson is a wrestling hold, and stated that he could break his neck and referred to him as a "Black Boy"," says Phillips.

The next day the victim says he was accosted by the same man from the previous day, as well as four other White EB employees working on the base.

"They had all referred to him as being a Black Boy, and that he was surrounded by all whites and that there's nothing he could do now, if they wanted to they could do bodily harm to him," says Phillips.

Including threats of stuffing the employee in a trash can.

"He's frightened, he genuinely frightened," says Phillips.

jpu-This is the liberal Northeast, where I live, where this happened, demonstrating that physical location does not determine emotional or social or spiritual progress. Wickedness lies in everyone's heart, even in our progressive Northeastern ones.


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